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Inkjet or Laser Printer: Which to Choose for Your Company?

When it comes to shopping for a printer, it is important to choose a device that perfectly meets your needs. Regardless of the size of your business, it is essential to consider different elements to determine whether you need an inkjet or laser printer. At Admaco, distributors of photocopiers and printers in Montreal, we have gathered the advantages and disadvantages of each of these printers to guide you in your choice.


Inkjet Printer


• Advantages: affordable and versatile, this printer is ideal for printing photographs. The colours offer a magnificent rendering on several types of paper. Its purchase cost, lower than that of a laser printer, makes it the preferred device for a company that only uses it occasionally.


• Disadvantages: Ink cartridges need to be replaced regularly, which increases the printing cost per page. Since they contain liquid ink, the cartridges may also dry out if the device is not used for a long period of time. Finally, printing is rather slow, which can cause inconveniences if the company frequently has to print many copies.


Laser Printer

• Advantages: offering a very high printing speed and better text rendering, this printer is ideal for printing large quantities of documents and allowing the company to maintain or improve its productivity. When used frequently, the printer provides a lower printing cost in the long term than other devices. Since its operation consists of fusing ink powder using an electrostatic process, documents are more resistant to light and moisture, so they can be stored longer.


• Disadvantages: more expensive to purchase, the laser printer also requires the use of toners, which are more expensive than ink cartridges. The quality of photographs is also lower, since the printer is not suitable for printing complex images. It does not accept all types of paper, so it is important to take into account the documents to be printed.

Do you need advice on selecting your printer? At Admaco, experts in digital printing in Montreal, we will be pleased to help you make the right decision so that you are fully satisfied. We also offer the rental of quality printers and photocopiers and a host of other office equipment. Contact us for more information!