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Admaco carries a vast array of digital finishing equipment in Montreal. Whether your business requires a high-end label slitter or label counter, we have exactly what you need.

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Automatic Label Counters Series allows to count the labels on a roll, to rewind and unwind the labels on one machine, to rewind the labels onto different core sizes, to rewind small rolls of labels from a larger one and also to rewind small rolls with a preset number of labels from a larger roll.

This last feature is possible thanks to the setting of the preset labels’ number through the electronic counter. Once the preset number of labels will be reached, the label counter will stop by uttering an acoustic signal. Both turrets of the label counter are motorized and it is possible to adjust the speed of rotation on the rewinder only while the unwinder has an automatic self-adjustment speed.

Automatic Label Counters Series can handle labels up to 127mm wide and it can rewind and unwind rolls of labels with diameter up to 250mm. It has a speed of 120 rpm and it is possible to choose between two different types of core holder: the adjustable core holder from 40mm up to 118 mm or the core holder of 1 inch.

Automatic Label Counters Series is available in many different versions and every model is marked by its own code. Through the "configuration table", it is possible to select the version better fitting your needs. The Automatic Label Counters turns in one direction only, from left to right. From the unwinder to the rewinder.



The longitudinal label slitter satisfies the present-day necessity to make the most of the print area with the possibility to obtain more rows of labels from the same roll, and then split it through the use of the slitter.

The cutting operations are done by a common cutter blade that is located in an apposite blade holder. The slitter has an external auto-switching 100/240V power supply and an electronic circuit controls all its functions.

The new label slitter, equipped with two 3" fixed core holder is able to work rolls with a diameter of 250mm. The maximum width of the roll is 220mm and it is possible to obtain rows of labels not narrower than 22mm.


The Gemini is an automatic sheet feeding and cutting system, designed to operate fully automatically (without operator).
Equipped with a Graphtec CE6000 plotter, this system allows the cutting of screen prints, adhesive sheets, digital prints on cardboard and prints of store material.

The Gemini has a ramp loading platform that allows uninterrupted loading, cutting and distribution.

This plotter has a built-in sensor reader to allow the marks to be read in a fraction of a second after each sheet has been loaded. The plotter, combined with cutting management software, allows an accuracy of 0.3 mm.

The Gemini desktop slitter processes the following formats: A4, A3, SRA3, SA3, Letter, Tabloid and Tabloid Extra. It allows the cutting of cartons between 200 and 350 g.
The Gemini also allows you to make grooving, die-cutting (heavy cuts), half-cutting (kiss cuts) and perforation cuts (small dots).

Main features:

  • Innovative Graphtec CE6000 plotter

  • Compactness adapted to small workstations

  • Automatic feeding tray

  • Software that guarantees excellent results

  • Processing of up to 150 sheets per task

  • Cutting options (die-cutting, Kiss-Cut cutting, perforation and grooving of box holders)

  • Two different cutting positions"



This machine can unwind, remove the label matrix from a die cut label roll, slit thanks to one or more cutter blades and rewind onto a 3” motorized core holder rewinder.

The label matrix is the excess label material around each die cut shape where ink or toner may settle after a full bleed printing process. The machine can also be used only to remove the label matrix or only as slitting system. The matrix removal and slitting operations are performed simultaneously. It is a specific machine to handle die cut label rolls and ideal for all slitting needs.



The Scorpio Series are all-in-one systems that unwind, laminate for labels added durability, digitally die-cut, remove the excess label material around each die-cut shape, slit, and rewind offering you everything to professionally cut and finish labels.

All systems provide a very accurate label finishing solution using cutting plotter technology. This allows you to cut different types of material and shapes on the fly without the added cost of dies. The units are equipped with a cutter management tool that works together with a camera forming an integrated optical black-mark registration system providing cutting speed optimization and avoiding synchronization issues.

Some benefits of using the Scorpio Series:

  • Short run label production in-house means reducing inventory requirements and costs

  • Producing full bleed labels will no longer be a nightmare

  • Laminating for labels added durability (no need for special media)

  • No need to order pre-die cut label rolls

  • No need for ultra-precise label margin adjustment when printing in full bleed

  • No need to set up a minimum gap between labels when printing in full bleed (saving on media)

Scorpio Series is available in three different models:

  • SCR22 : The digital label finisher with no lamination module ideal for those who use pigment-based ink / laser technology printers (water and fade resistant)

  • SCR22PL : The ideal companion to 8.5” digital color label printers

  • SCR35PL : The perfect match for wide-format digital color label presses



The ultimate in laser die-cutting technology, Taurus is a digital label cutter and laminator capable of converting pre-printed media to die-cut labels.


  • Any shape, different cuts in one pass

  • Powered by an air-cooled CO2 60W laser source

  • Support for vector-based files

  • Start and stop cutting up to 30 m/minute (98.43 feet) in all directions

  • Laminates for added durability

  • Removes matrix, slits, and rewinds

Taurus uses a vector system, which allows the laser head to move on axes Y and X, where it physically directs the beam perpendicular to the material that is being cut. This feature allows you to cut any type of material (except PVC) and also guarantees the consistent laser power.

The laser head is equipped with an air flow system that prevents any material from burning, and keeps the working area clean of vaporized materials caused by laser cutting. A vacuum system supports the media to remain flat down on the work surface.

Taurus offers the opportunity of quickly and easily converting and laminating your label printed rolls. On-demand label finishing will no longer be a complication. Laser cutting system is a tool-free process that uses vector-based digital files imported by a software that directs the laser head.

A sensor detects the black mark on the media as well as media without registrations. The laser power adjustment makes it possible for you to obtain clean cuts throughout the entire surface as well as create registration marks.

An integrated 7” touch screen PC allows the user to import the ISO files and adjust the operation settings. A few clicks and the cutting will be ready to start. An innovative and smart cutting management software allows the operator to easily adjust the working speed and laser power, for a fabulous cutting result in addition to time saved and less materials wasted.

Able to cut media up to 220 mm (8.66”) wide, the Taurus is equipped with a start-and-stop cutting function that offers virtually limitless variations in label length cutting. A cutting file library helps users to save previously set values of speed and laser power so they can be re-used at any time.

BOFA fume extractor: if there are different tasks printed on the same roll and a gap appears, the system pauses, giving you the option to load your desired cutting file and resume operations.

Taurus is environment-friendly on energy usage; at full speed it will not use more than 1000 Watts, making it a cost-effective option. The unit has an adaptor located on the back to connect to a fume extractor (not included). When your unwinder runs out of media, you can use the reel-to-reel splicer equipped on the unit to splice the end of your task to the beginning of a new roll. The unit sits on a sturdy iron frame table with wheels allowing for mobility when transporting and stability while working.


Let our team of experts help you find the model you need.

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