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Did you know that the majority of small and medium-sized businesses spend almost 3% of their sales on the management and production of printed documents? Since these costs can quickly increase, at Admaco, specialists in digital printing and photocopiers located in Montreal, we thought we'd offer you these 5 steps to optimize the management of your printing budget. Read on to learn more!

1. Evaluate your current expenses Find out how much your printers and photocopiers actually cost you. To do this, consider the purchase or rental price of all your machines, the cost of consumables (ink cartridges, paper, etc.) and the cost of maintaining your various devices. Try to include time spent with technical service during printing problems, restocking difficulties (if any) and costs related to reduced productivity due to defects of all kinds or a lack of supplies. 2. Perform an audit Conduct an accounting review of your printer and copier management or seek the assistance of an external expert. This step involves, among other things, an analysis of the quantity and type of prints, but also the equipment needed to make them successful. 3. Identify malfunctions Take the time to note each problem. You must take into account repetitive failures, overconsumption of ink, reduced print quality, machine wear and tear, machine generation (year of manufacture) and energy consumed by the machines when they are in operation and in standby. 4. Find possible solutions Consider the needs of your company and your employees when doing your research. For example, you could reduce your number of devices if some are virtually unused or replace most of them with a multifunction photocopier and switch to a more economical model in terms of energy consumption. Check to see if colour cartridges are essential and if confidential documents are produced, which requires personal printers. 5. Encourage process optimization Communicate with your employees so that they can print on both sides as much as possible, as well as in black and white. For more ideas to reduce your daily printing costs, visit our Tips & Advice section. Finally, regularly evaluate your expenses: by eliminating sources of printing inefficiency, you will quickly see your savings increase! For proven advice or to rent laser printers or colour or black and white photocopiers in Montreal, contact our experts at Admaco!


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