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Man printing documents at his workplace

In business, printing documents is often one of the biggest environmental impacts an office can make. At Admaco, your leader in Montréal for printers and photocopiers, we have prepared this article to introduce you to some tips for a more environmentally friendly use of your printing equipment in the office.

1. Reduce at source In this digital age, ask yourself if it is necessary to print all your documents. Reading a text, among other things, can easily be done on the electronic version of a file. And instead of photocopying several reports for a meeting, for example, you can opt for a PowerPoint presentation. 2. Print smartly Adjust the settings of your printers, photocopiers and computers to print both sides by default. In this way, you can automatically reduce your paper consumption by half! You can also select the retention option, which holds your documents to be printed until you send the signal. This way, your device will only use its energy once to reach the temperature necessary for its action. 3. Modify your documents Some fonts are designed to use less ink, which reduces the number of cartridges you may need annually. Make it the default font for company documents. Whenever possible, consider reducing the margins, line spacing and font size of your texts or printing more than one page on the same sheet, especially if they are slides. 4. Reuse and recycle Use the sheets printed on one side only as drafts or for smaller documents. Consider, if possible, recycled paper and refillable ink cartridges. In addition, recycle your old appliances and empty packaging. 5. Maintain your equipment Photocopiers and printers that are regularly maintained have a longer lifespan. But when a breakdown does occur, repairing is much more environmentally friendly than purchasing new equipment, as it is often enough to replace a single part. By reducing your consumption of paper, ink and energy for your printing, you will save money while reducing your environmental impact. For the purchase or rental of photocopiers, printers and office equipment in Montréal, contact us at Admaco!


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