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Woman picking up a sheet of paper from a printer

Have you just started your business but don't know what type of printer to invest in? Admaco, an expert in digital printing in Montreal, can help. Is your business just starting up and you need to equip yourself with a printer that meets your requirements? At Admaco, your expert in Montreal for all things digital printing, our team knows how essential the choice of a quality printer or copier is for the productivity of a small or medium-sized business. Read on for more tips to help you make the right decision!

Determine Your Company's Printing Needs Consult with your employees to find out what types of documents they print, how often they print and how much is produced. Use this information to determine whether your professional printer should be able to print in colour or only in black and white, for example. If colour is necessary but not widely used, consider inkjet models with separate cartridges to reduce waste, or a laser printer, which will allow you to print at a higher volume and a higher speed. See Whether Other Features Are Required Depending on the needs of your business, you may also need a photocopier, fax machine or scanner, or even all of these at the same time. If these features are used frequently, it is more economical to select a multifunction model. You'll save space and money because you won't have to supply ink cartridges and electricity for more than one terminal. Wi-Fi connectivity can also be considered if you want to limit the presence of cables and allow your employees to print their documents from their tablet or smartphone, for example. Consider Purchasing a Brother Printer Space-saving and highly versatile, Brother printers are ideal for first-time buyers. Efficient and fast, they offer ideal features for a start-up business. Depending on the model selected, you can print, copy, scan and fax colour or black and white documents. In addition to being affordable (under $1000), Brother printers allow you to secure confidential documents to be printed so that they don't fall into the hands of unauthorized persons. Are you now ready to make a choice? At Admaco, we sell and rent laser printers and colour photocopiers in Montreal and surrounding areas. Contact us to discuss your needs and get an estimate today!


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